“My time at the Tachyon Healing Centre was extremely eye-opening. I was able to reach a new level in my meditation practice and accessed some great clarity on situations that have been plaguing me over the past few months. I did not know what to expect, and after my session I felt very open and raw to the energies around me. It has taken a few days to finally open myself fully to the new energies and insights that were revealed to me during my hour in the Tachyon Chamber. I am so grateful that this is now available in Toronto.I feel I will be going more frequently so that I can tap into that clarity and insight again and learn more about myself and my soul. Thank you, I look forward to my next session.” -Valerie Stachurski - Charming Media

This place is definitely one-of-a-kind in Toronto! My experience was deeply healing & up-lifting. During my session, I almost immediately fell into a deep healing state. It feels like your asleep, yet awake at same time. After an hour has passed, staff members of the centre wake you up gently & bring you back into your body. They are all super sweet and open to any questions. What I enjoyed learning was that the paint used on the walls also has Tachyon particles in it. They provide a space where deep healing can take place whether you are going for session or renting their bigger space out! I’ll be returning for sure! -The Wellness Market- Natalie Kehren

“Such an amazing experience. As someone who has dedicated their life and career to exploring different healing and wellness outlets, I feel very grateful to of been able to experience a chamber like this. The feeling felt similar to Reiki, where it was deeply healing and relaxing. If you are interested or curious in light energy definitely worth a try. The facility itself is super clean, and the chamber felt very safe and calming, you are given a cozy blanket, in a very big comfy chair with noise cancelling headphone in your session, to help you really dive in and truly experience the session. The owner was also very friendly, and knowledge and was able to answer any questions i had. I’ll definitely be back!” — Chanel Khursigara

I went into the Tachyon Healing Centre without expectations or pre determined intentions. What I came out with was clarity on a very specific relationship I had been worrying about as well as my current path. It gave me focus, vision and energy to do what is necessary. I also experienced a whirlwind of emotions and vision followed by a great sense of calm and relaxation. I was amazed at what happened in that one hour which gave me so much purpose and direction. What followed after my experience was a series of ‘openings’ for me. Small things to larger components of my life with greater significance. Every experience for every person will be different based on their energy and openness but I believe it is a personal journey everybody should try to harness. I fully recommend visiting the Tachyon Healing Centre and hope for everyone who does, they experience something helpful, purposeful and wonderful. - Honey Lee

“As someone that is highly anxious and doesn’t know how to clear their mind, I was ironically very anxious about my session. I knew it was a quiet space and you’re to clear your mind, but I didn’t think that I could actually do it. 10 minutes in, everything that was clogging my mind completely melted away. I was not ready for my hour to end, and I will definitely be taking advantage of the packages because this is the ultimate, me time. I came out of my session with a lot of questions about my personal experience, but Linda is very knowledgeable, talk to her!” - Jessica Nguyen

“Wow what an experience! It’s hard to put into words but this mediation was one of the most powerful and transformative meditation sessions I’ve ever had. I’ve always had a hard time meditating and actually sitting with myself but this session brought me into another level of consciousness that I’ve never experienced before. I went in with an open mind and let the energy do what it does best. I felt powerful vibrations from the Tachyon Rods the minute they were in my hands and continued to feel their power throughout the hour. I felt an opening in my throat and heart which are two areas of myself I’ve been keeping closed due to past traumas. I was in a wave-like state throughout the meditation, not really awake but also not fully sleeping either. It’s something I’ve never experienced before but it felt so comforting. It’s been a few days since my session and I’m still feeling the affects. I’ve been more emotional than usual, a little more tired, but also have a lot more clarity and awareness of what’s happening inside. I loved how Linda followed up to see how I was doing and offered insight and support on what I’ve experienced. She is truly passionate about providing access to a deeper knowing of ourselves. Thank you for being part of my journey and I can’t wait to be back! ” — Irina Andreea

“I had been hearing about Tachyon for awhile now, and was immediately drawn to it. During my first experience I could feel the pull of the energy field before I even got there. Memories about my childhood began to surface and I was given clarity around a few family relationships that I have been working to heal over the course of the last few years. During the session itself, I experienced an incredible surge of energy throughout my entire body, much like a super charged Reiki session. I felt like I was floating, and began to receive visions of past lives, guidance from my ancestors and spirit helpers, and confirmation and reassurance that I was on the right path. The clarity through which these visions came to me was unparalleled. It was as vivid as if it was right in from of me. Post healing, the visions continued and I was living fully in the 5th dimension. Angel numbers everywhere, instant manifestations of my thoughts into form and synchronicity that was truly magnificent. Colours were brighter, joy was everywhere. I am still feeling the effects, and having seen what I did, it acts as further confirmation that this is the reality that we are all moving towards as a collective. I will be going back, and this is most definitely going to be part of my regular healing routine. So much gratitude to Linda for bringing this gift to myself and the city.” — Tara Good

“Never tried anything like this before. This was definitely quite an experience. I’m an adrenaline junkie and a very logical person so my brain never stops. It was scary to think I would have to just lie there for an hour, I didn’t think I could do it. Surprisingly I was able to finally relax and turn off my brain and let it go to where it has never been before. I’ll be doing this more often now. Great place to try for beginners for sure! ”— Dima Rhyskavich

“I loved being in the Tachyon Chamber! It was an amazing opportunity for me too truly clear all my Energy. I’m a Reiki Therapist that works with Energy every day. I specialize in Reiki on Horses 🐎. They are such beautiful energetic beings that pick up on human feeling and emotions. It felt great to be able to let go of everything I ever picked up .... I will be back again very soon!!!”— Julie Hinton-Green

“My experience with the Tachyon Chamber was like a spiritual roller-coaster for my mind and body! As soon as I began my session, I was overcome with emotion. I felt a true sense of peace and relaxation, as if my parasympathetic nervous system was activating. I went on a deeply restorative meditative journey that helped me process emotional blocks. For me, this experience was like a hack for the emotional body. I came out the session feeling an overwhelming sense of love and compassion; as if I had done 12 hours of Loving Kindness meditation. I have never experienced anything like this and I highly recommend you try this for yourself!” — Brandon Wong

“I’m so thankful to have been introduced to Tachyon healing. I was a bit apprehensive as a first-timer with little knowledge of this method of energy healing, and a fear of being alone with my thoughts without any distractions for an entire hour, but these worries couldn’t have been more far from the truth of my experience. It initially took some time for me to settle in, and for everyday thoughts to subside. Living with anxiety, I was concerned about my tendency to focus on negative experiences/memories/stressors and build upon them. I was told that this probably wouldn’t be possible within the chamber because tachyon energy only permits positive, loving energy to exist, and that negative thoughts would naturally melt away. This is exactly what I experienced. Anything that came up for me only partially formed into a thought, and then faded away. Eventually, my mind asked me to relax, let go, find ease, and rest, and I surrendered to this calling. Following the 60 minute session, I felt incredibly light - weightless. I also felt rested and alert - something that is rare for me because I am constantly struggling with low energy and feelings of fatigue. My mood was happy and positive, and I felt like I was walking on air.” — Meaghan Elizabeth

Admittedly, I wasn't sure what to expect when booking my appointment, but was curious about the Tachyon Healing experience and was looking forward to seeing what would emerge. I'm so glad I did this. I've been feeling particularly stagnant in a few areas of life, and went in with the intention to release any blocks and attachments that were keeping me from moving forward. From the moment I stepped into the chamber I could feel a shift in energy. It took me a little longer than usual to get into meditation as I was so intrigued by the feeling of the room, but when I finally got in a zone, I was in a deep, almost sleeping meditative state, holding my intention in my heart. I remember being jolted awake multiple times throughout the session, but quickly went back into meditation. By the end of the session I felt like a huge weight had been lifted, and there was a calm, joyous buzz that rang through me. The energy in the room felt lighter as well. Since the session, I've noticed some mental and emotional attachments (to things, to people) I was carrying around have completely disappeared. It's like a veil has lifted and I can clearly see what next steps to take around career, money, weight loss, and even relationships. It's been a very healing experience as I've gotten past some big hurdles that were keeping me stuck... I'm looking forward to my next session! - Anjali Handa

My first time experiencing tachyon energy was calming, and grounding. I was greeted by Linda who was enthusiastic about Tachyon energy. What I noticed was feeling super calm and connected. Normally when I meditate it can take 30 minutes to calm the chatter, this time it was minutes and when she told me my hour was done I was not ready to go, next time I plan on booking 90 minutes. Since my experience I have continued to feel calmer and more grounded. I highly recommend this experience to enhance other spiritual practices in your life. - Dr. Scott Levine

Wow, Wow, Wow! I’m not even clear how I was drawn to the Tachyon Healing Centre, I just knew I had to go. I’ve been putting out to the universe that I want to start self healing and opening up my heart space. The Tachyon Experience is so incredible, I leave myself opened to what needs to be healed and shown to me. Tachyon took me on such a journey Where I can only observe and heal from a place of love. I’ve had 2 sessions and a few people I know said I am so much lighter and they can see me shining. I am feeling happier and my thoughts are calmer and clearer. Can’t wait to go back! This is such a gift and I’m excited for what’s to come next. - Rhianna Weaver

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