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It is a subatomic natural energy particle that moves faster than the speed of light. Its intelligence of fusing spiritual light in any dense matter such as our bodies to reprogram by balancing and healing. Our chamber is the purest, safest and strongest source of Tachyon energy on the planet.

With 50 years of experience in Tachyon energy fields our products and chambers are carefully crafted with experts who have diligently harnessed the power of Tachyon. A method using Michium technology alongside special alloys, crystals and elements is the process used to create our chambers and rods. Our Tachyon chamber and our system is proven to give the highest concentration of Tachyon energy. The benefits of a Tachyon chamber are endless. It aids in awareness, stress and fatigue, detoxification, memory and concentration, and deepens spiritual awareness and ascension. The highest effects of healing occur when multiple sessions are done as the concentration of the Tachyon energy is compounded. Use this source as another healing modality to your wellbeing.

We are excited to open a facility that not only will connect the thread amongst the community to heal socially, collectively we are proud and happy to offer a facility that will facilitate your own personal healing. Welcome to the first spiritual hub of Toronto.