Frequently asked questions.

 Is Tachyon real?

Einstein, Arnold Sommerfeld, and the University of Columbia physicist Gerald Feinberg all have attributed to the life of the Tachyon particle. Tachyon may still be realized as a theory because it scientifically cannot be seen or measured. The Higgs Boson particle cost $13.25 billion dollars to prove its existence. Now that the understanding of Quantum physics is becoming more available in the western world there is no denying the feeling presence of Tachyon and its existence. There are theories of the great pyramids in Egypt, and other sacred locations around the world where the Tachyon energy is harnessed.

What are the benefits of using our Tachyon Chamber?

Individual experiences vary but these are just a few of the experiences that can occur.

- Activation and balancing of Chakras

-Assists in mental clarity (Stress, emotional, spiritual blockages)

-Assists in the body for physical subatomic healing of discomforts/illnesses/pain relief

-Spiritual ascension

-Past life regressions

-Deep relaxation

-Deepen or unlocks psychic journeys

-Opens and/or strengthens 3rd eye


In most cases there are no side effects. In some cases there is mild detoxification for those who are sensitive to the Tachyon energy. Which means the Tachyon energy is working very hard on you to achieve balance physically which will manifest in symptoms such as just needing more rest. We suggest more purified water and rest. Take the next few days to be conscious with your body and your healing.

Where are we located?

82 Power Street, unit 102, Toronto, Ontario. This is our temporary home until we move into our permanent location.We are located in the beautiful downtown area. North of Distillery District. 

Which session length should I get?

We recommend the 60 minute session. This is the optimal time for you to settle and the Tachyon to infuse.

Why are the chambers sessions priced the way they are?

Just like if you were to go to a therapist, a health coach, an acupuncturist, a reiki session, a hypnotherapist and any service that is an addition to your daily life to expand it there is a cost. The chambers are not meant to substitute your daily meditation ritual or any other daily ritual you are doing for your own spiritual expansion. It is an addition to help strengthen your journey. We are here to help foster and grow your inborn skills.

What if I fall asleep?

It is ok! Most people don’t come in with the intention to sleep however a few will experience what seems like a nap. It is not a typical nap though it is the Tachyon bypassing your mind so it can get to deeper work without the interruptions from your mind. Depending on the amount of healing that needs to be done. One client had 3 seperate naps in a one hour session she woke up not in a sleepy state but very aware and awake. Another client had one nap only to be awaken by a bolt of energy. Again she did not leave in a typical “sleepy” state. The Tachyon does what it needs to do for every individual.


Please note that the Tachyon Healing Centre is not a substitute for medical or professional counselling. It is not to substitute any programs for your health and health care. The Tachyon Healing Centre is a source of support and inspiration for an individual’s spiritual, mental, and physical journey. Tachyon Healing Centre is here as support for achieving life balance.