Events and Rentals


Keep posted on events where we get together to socialize and have fun. Where no work is to be done other than creating new friendships. Where everyone is an open book and can feel safe sharing spiritual stories and reflections.

Host your next meeting or event in our Tachyonized centre. This rental does not include the Tachyon Chamber. However you will still get the amazing effects of Tachyon that is energized in the centre. Perfect for meetup groups, Reiki teaching, meditation, and all types of classes =)



November 30, 2019

Women's Alchemy Movement Journey

Corrina is trained in Shamanic Energy Medicine, sacred dance, movement, and healing arts as well as Tao for Sacred Feminine her approach brings forth the wisdom of ancient alchemy rituals and ceremony through a holistic view intended to guide more people in accessing their divine capabilities. Corrina teaches workshops, immersion in Holistic Alchemy Rhythm, and Munay-Ki Retreats for Women.

Through this workshop you will receive tools for increasing awareness, empowerment, expression, moving energy in your body and healing practices.

You will work with different practices to cultivate your unbound feminine power, medicine and feel the embodied experience of this inner work. You will build softness and strength, we cleanse and open the heart, re-establish the heart and womb connection, we strengthen the body to receive and release energy within, and we practice higher self devotional movements.