When you make space.


For what needs to come through.

The Story

Through a sequence of events I found myself booking a flight to America. What brought me there was emotionally hitting rock bottom yet once again, because like true human nature I was living inside my ego to justify events that occured in my life and also the people who surrounded me. Using just ego to help me back up again. I confess it was exhausting. After over 10 years of leaving behind spirituality and my meditation practice I lived in just the “doing” dimension of life, the physical. I finally paid attention this time and I didn’t want to live that way anymore. I went on a 3 day binge in the Tachyon Chamber, and let me tell you. That experience SAVED my life. Bringing back more than just a few stories. The decision to bring back a gift that needs to be shared with humanity is one of many purposes in my life. - Linda

Search far and wide and down the rabbit hole of Google search to find Tachyon just about everywhere. We are proud to say we are the first official Tachyon Centre to open in Canada that is in close affiliation with Tachyon Wellness Sedona which is located in Arizona, USA. 
We vow to keep only the best sourced Tachyon products that are 100% made in USA to create, grow and share the epic experiences that Tachyon will add to people all over the world. 

“When you hold space within yourself, you automatically hold space for others to heal. You can win the battles of this world in another.”

— Linda Chau, Founder

What you seek.


will find you.

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